With quality over quantity, we bring the same creative energy that is put into our music and we infuse it into the fashion world. We are dedicated to creating high quality lifestyle goods designed as an inspiration for individuals who choose to tap into their infinite potential. 

We are building a culture rooted in music, creativity, art, and innovative fashion. Champion Vision Merchandise is an exclusive digital direct to consumer lifestyle brand for the people that seek exceptional quality clothing that can be worn in any setting. We have crafted the best online shopping experience for our consumers offering the finest fabrics and excellent customer service to be delivered in a fast and efficient way.

Our mission is to bring forth clothing that evokes that creative spark that already lives within you.Watch along as we build a lifestyle brand from the ground up right before your eyes. We will prove that with relentless action and unprecedented persistence comes great reward. If you are on path to be the best version of yourself, then  you are the embodiment of Champion Vision Merchandise.

- Nabio Lumukanda (founder of Champion Vision Merchandise)